LINK is a unique investment banking, mergers & acquisitions and Private equity firm.

Entrepreneurial in nature, our passion is helping business owners successfully navigate their future. From business growth on one end to shareholder liquidity on the other, our goal is to help you achieve the extraordinary.

Our MISSION is to maximize enterprise value and help business owners successfully navigate their future. Our VISION is to link clients and partners to their dreams.

My company wouldn’t be where it is today without the principals of LINK.

Ken Smerz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ZELUS USA LLC

With professional foundations in New York City and San Francisco, the principals of LINK have been helping business owners to maximize enterprise value for over 30 years. LINK exists to deliver sophisticated deal structures, decades of relationships and unmatched access to capital. How big is your future?

Our Values


The stakes in working together are high. You can expect an environment of candor, transparency and truth.


You will learn that we mean what we say and we follow through on commitments. Our reputation is an asset and we will protect and uphold it.


The best outcomes come through listening, understanding and a goal of mutuality. We value not only results but the relationships we develop along the way.


You have an ally in your corner. One who can explain, guide and, if necessary, fight for your best interests. In return, “I trust you” is the highest compliment we can receive.

LINK: What’s in a Name?

Our name is the perfect monosyllabic description of who we are: a link to your future.

In the verb form, it’s a connection or catalyst. Synonyms include to join, combine, unite, connect, associate or relate. To bring together in some form with a degree of closeness.

Togetherness. A bond.

Relationships matter. We are LINK and you are welcome to Contact Us.

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